In-Service Training

Inservice Teacher Training

Systematic Inservice Teacher-Training Programmes are the key to ensuring high quality education in this institution thereby promoting child development. These training initiatives are periodically planned and organised and mandatory for all teachers.

Need and Importance*

The destiny of a country is shaped in its classrooms. Teachers play a pivotal role in this activity. Therefore they must keep abreast the latest methods of curriculum transactions in class. Accordingly teachers training during service are required for the following reasons:

  • To keep abreast with the latest happenings in recent past.
  • To help teachers recognize the individual differences in children and modify
  • the method of teaching accordingly.
  • To remove any deficiencies in knowledge of subject content and also enrichment thereof.
  • To recognize and master the use of teaching aids like computers and internet including PowerPoint Presentations to make the teaching learning process more lively and useful.
  • To incorporate constructivist approach to teaching learning process as per concerns of National Curriculum Framework, 2005.
  • Using technology to enhance the learning process.

*(Extract from NCERT Manual on Teacher Training)