Sport is not only important for children's health. It also enhances learning achievement, resilience and psychosocial and motor development. Children who do sports from a young age are more likely to go on doing so when they are older.
In today's test-oriented educational environment, it's no surprise to see "success" defined largely based on academics. But it's also critical to remember that not all learning is consolidated in the classroom. In fact, many of the "real-life" lessons students will learn throughout their schooling years will come not in the classroom, but out on the playfields.
We believe that the future leaders of society will take birth on the playing fields of this Institution.
The school has vast playfields for athletics, basketball, volleyball, six-a-side hockey and a separate dedicated playground for pre-school and pre-primary sections. Gymnastics, Trampoline, Malkhamb and negotiating the Obstacle Course are our specialties.