Chairman's Message

Our Chairman - Sardar Prehlad Singh Chandhok

Late Sardar Prehlad Singh Chandhok, the nonagenarian freedom fighter and well-known philanthropist, community leader and social thinker is the founder Chairman of the Guru Tegh Bahadur Public School Society and an eminent personality of Model Town, Delhi. Singularly responsible for the development and progress of the Institution over the last three decades, it is due to his farsightedness and dedication to the cause of education that the School today enjoys an enviable reputation of being a progressive institution providing affordable quality all round education to all sections of the society. Notably, this school has the lowest fee structure due to the noble vision of its Chairman, S. Prehlad Singh Chandhok who has steadfastly maintained over the years inspite of financial pressure that the fee structure should be kept well within the budget of the common man and hence should not be unduly increased. He continuously assured the community at large and the managing committee of the school that any budgetary constraints which arise will be personally resolved by him. The school has thus functioned smoothly over the years and progressed with time. Under his patronage, noble vision, dynamic leadership, and commitment to society the morale of the management, staff and students of the school remains at an all time high.

The eldest child of a humble Sikh family, S. Prehlad Singh Chandhok was born in 1924 in Dhudial village of Jhelum district in pre-partition India (now in Pakistan). At the tender age of 12 he lost his father. Displaying responsibility and fortitude he assumed the mantle of the primary bread winner for his family. He is married to Sdn. Harbans Kaur ji and is blessed with three daughters and two sons.

A courageous nationalist at heart, he was strongly attracted to the freedom struggle at an early age. He was determined to take part in the fight for India’s independence wherever possible, inspired by the ideologies and sacrifice of Bhagat Singh and his colleagues. This young Sardar’s initiation as a freedom fighter took place when started with singing Loris of Shahed Bhagat Singh in the night gatherings and nukkads trying to keep fresh and alive the flames of his sacrifice in the hearts of his fellow villagers, he used to frequently get arrested with his friends in the night and released next morning, this marked his journey and march for the freedom of his country. He fearlessly agitated for abolishing of the unfair 1% Sales Tax on food grains imposed by the colonial British government, he was arrested and sent to jail for a short period. This unpleasant experience only served to further strengthen his selfless resolve. The nascent young fighter, with renewed determination, vigorously took part in the Khadi movement and was again sent to jail.

He emerged as a prominent Sikh leader and representative of the Sikh community in and outside Punjab. His advice and recommendations on various issues were valued by Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru, Maharaja Patiala, Lal Bahadur Shastri, Indira Gandhi, Rajiv Gandhi and many other national leaders. He was a very close associate and a dear friend of Giani Zail Singh and was in touch with him till his last day. His deep affection for him is visible and burns bright when he celebrates his birthday with his family members and friends at Raj Ghat and distributes langar every year.